K9 Sport Sack Urban 3 Dog Carrier

The K9 Sport Sack Urban 3 Dog Carrier is unlike anything on the market! Our trendy city backpack serves both dog and human with its dual use foldover backpack/backpack dog carrier design. When in backpack mode, simply load your gear into the bag, slide your laptop into the padded sleeve, and close the bag by folding over the top. When your pup is ready to ride, convert to dog carrier mode and let the fun begin!

K9 Kompanion | Shoulder/Hip Dog Supply Pack

Constructed to hold 7 liters of storage and be worn in a variety of ways, the Kompanion has a belt to secure around your waist, as well as an over the shoulder strap that doubles as a leash! Its options are limitless!

K9 Sport Sack Harness

K9 Sport Harness is a breathable, easy to use and affordable harness. Made to fit small to medium sized dogs, it is easily adjustable with webbing and buckles. From walks in your neighborhood or hikes in the mountains, our harness is a durable and reliable option.

K9 Sport Sack Walk-On with Harness & Storage

The Walk-On is a lightweight, packable backpack dog carrier, with a compatible harness and storage bag made for small to medium sized dogs. We’ve created an all new dog walking/hiking experience for those looking for ONE product that allows you to WALK your dog, STORE your gear, and CARRY your dog. We want to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle for all dogs. This product was created for dog owners who primarily walk their dog and also want the option to carry their dog if needed. The Walk-On is a short distance carrier and used for the end of walks or hikes, giving your dog a break while exercising or in case of an emergency situation.

Walk-On features 3 unique products to be used as a set or individually: Harness, Storage bag, and Backpack Carrier


K9 Sport Sack Knavigate

The Knavigate was made for the most avid adventurers and allows for longer, more strenuous activities with your dog.

K9 Sport Sack Sleeper with Klymit Technology Dog Bed

The K9 Sport Sack Sleeper with Klymit Technology Dog Bed is the most advanced inflatable bed of its kind. This product was created with the ability to eliminate the need of carrying a bulky dog bed without abandoning functionality.

K9 Sport Sack Plus 2

The K9 Sport Sack Plus 2 is safer, stronger and more comfortable than ever.  The Plus 2 is built for intermediate hikes, bike rides or any moderate outing you can dream up.

K9 Sport Sack Air 2

This Sport Sack Air 2  is perfect for shorter hikes, bike rides and any other quick trip or outing you can dream up.

K9 Sport Sack Trainer

If you and your pup are new to a forward facing backpack dog carrier, the K9 Sport Sack TRAINER is perfect for you!