Like you, we view our dogs as true members of the family. We designed the CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Cooling Mats to ensure our pups are as safe and comfortable as possible. Dogs know what to do… but we need to provide what they need.

That is why we selected FlexiFreeze® technology as the cooling engine for these products.

FlexiFreeze is made in the USA with a specially formulated film filled with 100% pure water. We chose water over synthetic gel for one simple reason; it flat out works better. Nothing beats 100% ice made pure water for cooling power. Water (when frozen) actually absorbs 35% more heat, pound for pound, than it thaws chemical gels.

Simply put, frozen water is exponentially more effective than gel at absorbing heat.

Conversely, most other canine cooling products use two types of technology to cool dogs: evaporative vests and gel pads. Both of these types of products may feel cooler than their surrounding environment, but actually have minimal heat absorption capacity. Evaporative products struggle to perform well in humid conditions and gel is a far less efficient cooling material when compared with water.

The FlexiFreeze technology works perfectly with other materials in our cooling products to help keep dogs safe and comfortable. Using the Cooling Mat as an example, it has a durable, machine-washable outer shell that has three inner pockets. Each pocket holds a component that performs a specific, key function.

The top layer is a heavy duty water bed. By itself, it doesn’t have much of a heat absorption capability which is why the top component is simply designed to provide a soft, comfortable cushion between the dog and FlexiFreeze ice. The heat absorption capacity of the Hydro Cooling Mat comes from the frozen FlexiFreeze ice sheet in the middle layer.

The middle layer is a FlexiFreeze Ice sheet. It is the cooling engine of the Hydro Cooling Mat. The FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet contains 88 completely sealed ice cubes made with pure water. That’s the equivalent of nearly 8 trays of ice! Since dogs most effectively cool off from their feet and bellies, it is important that they have a cool surface to lie down.

The bottom layer is a thick, closed-cell foam insulation. The purpose of the insulating layer is to prevent the heat from the warm ground from thawing the FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet. The insulation allows the thawing ice to focus toward drawing heat off of the dog’s body through its belly and feet.

Keeping your dog cool in high temperatures is critical to their safety. That is why CoolerDog  has been nominated for many awards and is perceived as the public’s favorite dog cooling product. By combining form and function with science and nature, CoolerDog  provides the ultimate cooling solution for canines.