• Cats scratch because it’s part of their natural tendencies like grooming their claws, aggression, and marking their territory
  • Cats scratch when they are excited or frustrated
  • Helps protect your furniture because they have a scratch house as an alternative
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Petique Feline Penthouse Cat House is our top selling cat house designed to be safe for your pets and safe for our planet! Your feline friends will enjoy lounging on the roof or hiding out and getting cozy on the first and second floor. Our cardboard pet houses reduce stress and anxiety, which is why cats are naturally drawn to our eco-friendly cardboard cat houses. They are sustainable, super lightweight and sturdy, and with multiple scratch boards inside and out, your feline friends will be clawing for more! Your feline friends will feel like the next Great Catsby of their very own Penthouse!
Our cardboard and paper products are sourced responsibly from a Forest Stewardship Council accredited supplier, which ensures most minimum negative impact to our environment. They are always tested by reliable and reputable labs like SGS and ITS. We hold our products to the highest of standards and use premium materials.
  • 100% sustainable materials safe for your pets to consume and safe for the planet when disposed
  • Three levels to accommodate multiple cats
  • Scratchboards inside and outside the house
  • Very sturdy and easy to build
  • Non-toxic  and completely safe if your cats accidentally ingest it
  • Easy to move around compared to the ones made of wood
  • Big enough to accommodate several cats, small dogs, bunnies, and other small animals
  • Cardboard is recycled and compressed to form strong panels
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to move around compared to the ones made of wood – No formaldehyde
  • Cats absolutely love the roof and will even fight for it
    • For households with multiple cats, we recommend purchasing two Feline Penthouse Cat Houses and putting them next to each other for your cats to enjoy!
    • Product Weight: 9.5 LB
    • Product Size: 20″L X 12″W X 28″H
    • Supports pets up to 30 LB