$89.95 $80.96

  • Ideal for thunderstorms, fireworks, aggression, being alone and traveling
  • Volume infinitely adjustable
  • Audible and inaudible sounds playable
  • Lithium battery for charging – no annoying cables
  • Range up to 5 m Indoor | 3 m outdoor
  • Compact design


PRO animal relaxation trainer for dogs

Many dog ​​owners know the problem that their loyal companion, despite good upbringing and training, is simply overwhelmed in stressful situations and shows unwanted behavioral problems (e.g. while driving, alone at home, visiting the vet, unexpected noises such as thunderstorms, wind, Fireworks, etc.).

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer has recognized this problem and, thanks to its specially developed, subliminal (subliminal, frequent vibrations and tone sequences), it successfully helps to avoid these stressors right from the start.

Whether in your own four walls or in a non-animal environment. RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works completely independently of a socket thanks to the powerful lithium battery.

The RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works with its special sound versions, which are tailored to the sensitive hearing of dogs, and allow the animal to relax deeply.

With the RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer, the owner can choose whether the relaxing soundscapes should be output with or without additional audible relaxation music, a simple switch is enough and the RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works almost silently for the human hearing.

Application areas in dogs