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Why spend $1,000 or more on a vet bill? Remove dog tartar easily and stress free…

Dog Toothbrush with Ultrasound: Silent & motionless tartar removal, for all sizes of dogs ; Effective against plaque/tartar, gum inflammation, and bad breath.


Mira-Pet Ultrasound Dog Toothbrush

Dog Teeth Cleaning and Tartar Removal at home

Mira-pet ultrasonic toothbrush – clean teeth and healthy gums for your dog 80% of dogs older than 3 years suffer from tartar and gum inflammation. Until today, dog teeth could only be cleaned by brushing with a conventional toothbrush or at the vet. The Mira-Pet Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush now enables vibration-free, gentle and effective cleaning of dog teeth at home.

✔  Best Dental Care Product 2018
✔  Gentle tartar removal
✔  Reduces gum Inflammation
✔  without anesthesia
✔  home-use

Mira-Pet toothbrush
= the most effective dental hygiene for your dog at home

• gentle tartar removal (silent & motionless)
• without anesthesia
• easy to use at home
• reduces gum inflammation & periodontitis
• save $1,000 or more on vet dental bill
• cleans all teeth in 60 – 90 seconds

Mira-Pet Starter Kit

This Starter-Kit includes:

Suitable for small dogs (under 20 lbs/9 kilos) and medium-large dogs (over 20 lbs or 9 kilos):

Mira-Pet brush heads

Gentle cleaning with oscillations
reaching deep into gum pockets

Mira-Pet Ultrasound

Cleaning is performed by 60 million oscillations per minute
and a special dog cleaning tooth gel

✔  Oscillations removes tartar and cleans your dog’s teeth
✔  Deep Clean in gum pockets
✔  Reduces gum inflammation and promotes healing
✔  Outperforms all other tooth cleaning devices (manual toothbrushes, sonic /electric /rotating brushes / chewing bones)

Oscillations are superior 

  • no movement or vibration of brush heads
  • penetrates deep into gums and interdental spaces
  • dramatic antibacterial effect
  • improves blood circulation for healing
  • abrasion-free cleansing promoting healthy teeth & gums